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Audiologist examining ear for ear wax
What is ear wax microsuction and is it suitable for me?

What is ear wax microsuction and ios it suitable for me? Ear wax buildup – also sometimes called impacted cerumen – is...

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Testing for Mixed Hearing Loss
How do you treat mixed hearing loss?

In all types of hearing loss, the lack of sound perception can vary from very mild to profound. For some mixed hearing loss patients, the ...

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Hearing Loss Symptoms
Different types of hearing loss

Around one-in-six people in the UK are affected by hearing loss, according to Hearing Link, and the problem becomes more common as we get older. ...

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Hearing Loss Problems
What Can Cause Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss has many causes. As we age, it is normal to experience some degree of hearing loss, which occurs gradually. Sudden hearing loss, especially ...

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