VIP Hearing Solutions Patient Testimonials

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“Can't recommend this clinic enough, saved my hearing and with an excellent attitude towards patients 5/5 stars.”

“Can't recommend V I P Hearing Solutions in Eastcote highly enough. James is very attentive and explains procedure in detail. Sarah, a lovely lady and very helpful on the front desk.”

“Excellent service. I was able to get a quick appointment. James was extremely professional, explaining everything he was going to do and was doing. The microsuction was completely successful, even though one ear was severely blocked. I would definitely recommend VIP Hearing Solutions.”

“You can have your ears checked for wax FREE but I needed more and found the microsuction experience quick and painless. Really interesting to be able to see the 'before' and 'after' views of the ears and everything was clearly explained by James. Would definitely recommend.”

“A great sevice! Sarah and James helped me enormously in such a short space of time ............I arrived virtually deaf and left after 20 minutes a new and happy person......I would 100% recommend...thanks again”

“Went to have microsuction done and was quick and painless. James really knows his stuff - any worries I had were quickly answered. Going to get the rest of the family booked.”

“First rate personal service. We had plenty of time to ask questions and no pressure was made to buy. On the contrary, Mr Carmichael recommended a particular hearing aid and pointed out that this was now available on the NHS and suggested we return to Mt.Vernon clinic and ask them to upgrade the current aid they provided last time. If they cannot then we will certainly return to VIP.”

“Excellent bespoke service and a very relaxed but thorough experience.”

“Having suffered for 40 years with ear perforation I've always been dubious about treatment on my ears ... after suffering with a severe ear blockage and having tried oils and drops I found VIP hearing online and called voicing my concerns. I was made to feel at ease and they talked me through the procedure step by step explaining every little detail. After about 10 minutes the procedure was done, completely pain free. I highly recommend if you have blocked ear or other ear problems - this is the place to go. A big thank you to James who performed the procedure - excellent customer service and reassuring the patients - 10/10.”

“Made an appointment for my husband, not really knowing what to expect, never having had microsuction. Sarah immediately put us at ease, and James immediately made us feel confident with the whole process. James explained every step of the procedure, he’s professional, friendly and no hard sell, just explains everything really well. We would not hesitate to recommend this practice.”

“As an independent optometrist with early stage hearing changes I was very pleased to find VIP Hearing (I was walking by and the premises looked so new and inviting)! Sarah on reception was very pleasant and friendly and we arranged for James to test my hearing there and then.
James is a real professional (hopefully, it takes one to recognise another)! Very good manner, no rush, no hard sell. Superbly equipped rooms, even a room where he can mimic your home environment. Good clear explanations of his findings, no pressure.
I can wholeheartedly endorse this practice to all who value their health and want a personal, competent hearing service. Recommended.”

“If you have hearing in one ear only read on!
For the past 40 years I have suffered the great inconvenience of having hearing in only one ear. Recently I had a build up of wax that reduced my hearing to about 10%. My doctor informed me that having tinnitus I would need my ears micro suction cleaned at the hospital as syringing was too dangerous, and I was duly referred. The appointment was so long coming through that I opted for the private route, and went to VIP Hearing, which was the best thing I could have done.
James Carmichael was extremely professional and reassuring in describing the process, and in its execution. He was also very encouraging about what he could do to help me hear better. All this was about 3 weeks ago, and I now have a pair of hearing aids, called a “Cross-over” system, (Phonak Cros B) that without exaggeration has been life changing. In layman’s terms I have a microphone in my left ear that transmits by WiFi to a receiver in my right ear. The system even compensates for age related hearing loss in my right ear - fantastic!
Without exaggeration James is the consummate professional. He has ultra modern equipment, is courteous and patient, explains everything with clarity. The after care service given by VIP Hearing is excellent.
A very very satisfied customer.”