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Noise Protection

We can offer you custom made noise protection for your everyday lifestyle, work or leisure.

Noise Protection

Custom earplugs require an impression to be taken, which is then sent to a lab to be moulded to the dimensions of your ear. These earplugs are recommended when noise protection is needed for prolonged durations.

Custom made silicone moulds come in a range of colours, and have the option to be individual or corded.

Universal earplugs are generally foam that is squeezed and rolled and inserted into the ear where it will then expand. These are used as a one off prevention and not recommended for prolonged exposure.

Hearing Protection

Work – hearing protection for industry and professional workers.

Leisure – hearing protection for shooting, music, swimming, sleeping and any other leisure activity.

Communication – hearing protection for safe easy use with communication devices.

Swim Moulds

  • Prevent water entering the ears
  • Prevent ear infections
  • Prevents Exostosis ear (surfers ear)
  • Prevents ear ache
  • Allows you to swim with perforations, or when grommets are fitted.

Specialist Music Moulds

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