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Earwax Removal Treatment

Earwax Removal
Microsuction Clinic

Our team of Audiologists are experienced in earwax removal. All our clinics use the highest ENT grade equipment. We use the microsuction technique, which is a highly effective and painless method of earwax removal, regarded as the safest means of ear cleaning. It is the gold-standard in the United Kingdom.

Earwax is an essential biological substance, but when it develops in excessive quantities in your ear, it can cause unpleasant side effects. Hearing trouble, balance problems, and even sometimes pain are commonly associated with too much earwax.

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If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of earwax blockage, contact our skilled team of hearing experts.

Earwax Removal FAQs

Earwax, or “cerumen” as it’s sometimes known, is a brown/yellow substance produced in the ear canal. There are both dry and wet varieties, and yours will be determined largely by your genetics.

Earwax is totally normal and has three main roles:

  • Cleaning – earwax contains antimicrobial properties designed to help keep your ears free of infection
  • Protection – earwax can guard against bacteria due to its mild acidity, lysozyme, and saturated fatty acids content
  • Lubrication – earwax helps prevent the sensitive skin of your ear canal from getting dry, acting as a natural lubricant

Though earwax is very good and necessary, when it’s present in excessive quantities, it can cause some negative side effects.

When your ears are blocked with too much wax, you may experience one or more common symptoms, including:

  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Muffled or quieter hearing
  • Earache and dizziness, though rare
  • Tinnitus and other drone sounds

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us for a consultation.

There are many different contributors to earwax build-up. Your biology may play a part. For example, if you have particularly narrow or hairy ear canals, it can make it much easier for earwax and other debris to build up. Similarly, as people age, earwax can often start to get a harder texture, making it easier for it to clog up your ear canals.

Lifestyle can play a part too. For example, if you regularly use hearing aids or earplugs, they may block your ear canal and make excess build-up more likely. So too can overly regular usage of cotton buds, as it pushes the wax further back into your ear.

Generally, you may use some ear drops to help soften your earwax if you feel like it’s a problem. Many earwax drops are made from olive oil and serve to soften the wax to make it less likely to clog up your ear. Make sure you consult with a pharmacist first or contact our friendly and helpful team for any advice before administering home treatments.

Contrary to what you may believe, the use of a cotton bud inside the ear is not recommended, as it can push wax deeper inside the ear.

For earwax blockages and build-up, one of the most popular treatments is now microsuction. During the process, one of our skilled clinicians will use a suction tool to draw the wax out of your ear. There will be no water involved, unlike ear irrigation, making it a safe and minimally messy procedure. It’s completely pain-free and will take only a few minutes to complete.

Microsuction is popular due to its comfort, speed, and safety. If you’re experiencing ear blockages, it’s one of the most effective and harmless ways of completely eradicating the problem, removing excess wax from your ear.