Hearing Aids

Digital & Invisible Hearing Aids

Due to being an independent audiology clinic we have the ability to utilise the very latest hearing technology, allowing us to carefully choose the very best hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers.  

“As an independent, we totally understand that price is a large factor that influences your decision making process. We also appreciate that hearing is one of the most important senses, as it can largely impact on ones quality of life. 

This is why we have created a range of great value digital and invisible hearing aids, all designed to cover every level of hearing loss, all with free aftercare”

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The Premium Range

These include the very latest models available from our supplier list.

The premium range consists of hearing aids that feature the highest level of specification and will have on board the latest features available – for clients wanting the best technology and wanting to maximise the usefulness of hearing aids, this is what will be suggested first.

The Advanced Range

The advanced range consists of hearing aids that are very rich in specification and performance, but will not have some of the newer features seen in the premium range. 

For example, an advanced hearing system may have been premium a year or two ago, making it a very capable and proven device but not the best available. This allows us to pass it on at a very attractive price.

Essential Range

Consisting of a more basic level of technology, these are entry level devices which will suit clients on a tighter budget, and whose lifestyle isn’t so fast-paced. Rest assured, these devices are still very capable and comprehensive - we only ever select devices which we know will provide optimum performance within the level suited to an individual’s requirements.