VIP Hearing Solutions

Hearing clinic committed to understanding the hearing industry to the highest standard giving unequivocal service and after care.

Welcome to VIP Hearing Solutions 

We are a fully independent hearing practice located in Eastcote, North London.

Our award winning team of audiologists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing conditions. Our values lie in ensuring ethical advice, providing the latest in hearing aid technology and the highest quality of service from the country’s leading professionals.

Our Promise

We want to empower our patients to hear better based on our expertise and knowledge in our field and additionally offer a premium level of care and advice in the subject of hearing conservation.

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Solutions for a Loved One

Our promise at all times is to advise ethically in the field of audiology. We welcome our patients to bring their family members with them to our clinic as we understand that hearing loss doesn't just impact the patient. 

Or if you wish to refer your loved one, we are happy to see them for a free hearing consultation appointment.

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