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Nick Clive

Nick Clive is a Partner and the Chief of Audiology at VIP Hearing Solutions.

He was the former Chief of Audiology at 150 Harley Street and held his position there for over 16 years. He specialises in the management of individuals with complex hearing problems and is an expert at hearing aid fittings.

Nick began his Audiology career in 1999 at King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor. He then completed examinations with merit over 3 years, and worked for PC Werth Ltd who previously represented Widex in the UK. In 2005, he passed the hearing aid council examinations to dispense privately.

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Hearing Aids
• Invisible Hearing Aids
• Custom Made Hearing Aids
• Lyric Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Diagnostics
• Pure Tone Audiogram (Hearing Test)
• Tympanometry
• Acoustic Reflex Measures
• Speech Audiometry
• Tinnitus Match
• Loudness Discomfort Level

• Tinnitus Measurements and Management
• Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
• Custom Hearing Protection