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Tim Johnson

Tim graduated from University College London with an MSc in Audiological Science. As part of his postgraduate degree, he undertook his clinical placement within the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust where he developed his skills in providing patient-centred care.

Tim specialises in the assessment and management of hearing loss in adults and is qualified in ear wax removal through Microsuction. He has a background in sound engineering and was inspired to enter the field of Audiology by his grandfather, who was a renowned ENT Consultant and university lecturer.

In his spare time, Tim is keen to improve his golf and enjoys exploring the world.

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Hearing Aids
• Invisible Hearing Aids
• Custom Made Hearing Aids
• Lyric Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Diagnostics
• Pure Tone Audiogram (Hearing Test)
• Tympanometry
• Acoustic Reflex Measures
• Speech Audiometry
• Tinnitus Match
• Loudness Discomfort Level

• Tinnitus Measurements and Management
• Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
• Custom Hearing Protection