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Ewa Kozlowska

Ewa completed her Degree in Hearing Aid Dispensing and gained practical experience from 2014 in a range of settings including national companies, independent hearing aid practices and a family run clinic.

Ewa specialises in all aspects of hearing care with a primary focus on hearing rehabilitation coupled with patient-centred care. She is also an expert in all methods of earwax removal.

She is very passionate about charity work and provides close support to enhance the lives of hard of hearing children. Ewa is in her final year of completing a Master’s degree in Psychology. She has focused her research on improving hearing rehabilitation and breaking stigmas. She is an enthusiastic yogini, loves to walk and has a great passion for reading.

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Hearing Aids
• Invisible Hearing Aids
• Custom Made Hearing Aids
• Lyric Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Diagnostics
• Pure Tone Audiogram (Hearing Test)
• Tympanometry
• Acoustic Reflex Measures
• Speech Audiometry
• Tinnitus Match
• Loudness Discomfort Level

• Tinnitus Measurements and Management
• Earwax Removal (Microsuction)
• Custom Hearing Protection